Our Services

Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are complex and time-consuming for many organizations to manage alone. Leaders must mitigate risk by ensuring their reporting of events are unbiased and fair.


Corrigan HR Consulting conducts independent workplace investigations as a neutral third party, with minimal support from our clients.


With years of experience in fact-finding investigations, our team has the expertise to help your organization conduct professional investigations that are accurate, in-depth, and unbiased. 

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Conflicts arise in the workplace despite your best efforts to eliminate them. Corrigan HR Consulting can help to determine the underlying factors contributing to the conflicts at your workplace and can help to mediate the best possible outcomes

Workplace Assessment and Review

Employee misconduct and bad behaviour can lead to poisoned work environments and poor organizational performance. Corrigan HR Consulting can assess your workplace by collecting the data critical to understanding these challenges.

At the conclusion of the assessment, Corrigan HR Consulting will provide you with a complete report which will identify the most prevalent issues at play and what to do to fix them. 

Workplace Investigation Coaching

If your desire is for strong in-house capabilities to properly investigate all matters, let CHRC help. With our years of experience, we can share with you the proper frameworks necessary to build fact-based, credible reports.

Human Resources Consulting

From policy development and implementation to job analysis and recruiting, let us help bring your workplace up to speed on leading HR developments in your industry.

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